I first visited Eclipse Laser in May 2006 to begin a process of removing the hair from my lower legs as I always struggled with wearing shorts or even a bathing suit. I had five treatments in total with Kimberly and after three and a half years, I still only shave once a month to maintain my hairless legs! I am so impressed with the results and recommend visiting them as they are so friendly and take the time to listen to what I had to say. Thanks again you guys:)
~ Carmen

I had four treatments for back hair problems since it was always a pain to shave it each summer and it kept growing in thicker each time. I finally bit the bullet and went to see Trevor about my problem. He suggested a monthly plan for three months to see how I would respond to treatment. It worked great and was shocked to find out it really didn't hurt! I had been to another laser removal salon before and found their machine hurt me so much I quit the process halfway thru a treatment. I found him easy to talk to about my hair problem and offered great advice and didn't try to 'up sell' me on a ton of treatments as I had experienced from other laser shops. Thanks again Eclipse
~ Perry

My first experience with lasering was not a positive one. I have very dark skin and wanted the hair removed from my upper lip but couldn't stand the pain of conventional laser machines. Kimberly, however, approached my problem with gentleness and patience and I was noticing results after my second treatment. My skin was softer where the hair was and when it crept back it was damaged and very soft. After a few more treatments I was very pleased with the results and only visit her from time to time to upkeep the results. I also like her personality since she is awesome to be around!
~ Balvindar