Laser Information

Hair Growth

Age, ethnicity, weight, medications, hormone levels and metabolism all play a part in your hair's location, thickness and resilience. These factors affect the length, coarseness and color of hair. Hairs are not all actively growing at the same time. Hair has three distinct stages: growth (anagen) this stage is when hair is darkest, regression (catagen) and resting (telogen). After the resting stage hair falls out and the hair follicle begins the cycle again.

Eclipse Laser Hair Removal uses the world's most advanced treatment for hair removal, the EsteLux IPL system from Palomar Medical Technologies. We selected this laser due to its proven and unmatched track record, larger spot size and its ability to treat darker skinned clients. The Palomar EsteLux has FDA and CSA clearance for permanent hair reduction.

How does the laser work?

The beam of laser light targets the pigment contained within the hair follicle below the skin surface. The laser energy is selectively absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and hair shaft, which disables the hair's growth center. In addition, the lasers increased energy is derived by Palomar's exclusive Photon Recycling process, which captures light scattered out of the skin during treatment and redirects it back into the target area. Thus making the hair follicles in the anagen growth phase damaged and unable to regain maximum growth capacity. Each additional treatment significantly reduces and severely restricts regrowth. Since not all hairs are in this growth stage at one time, multiple treatments are necessary. Hair below the neckline should be sequenced four weeks apart. Facial areas and necklines should be scheduled two weeks from previous session.(generally, 4-6 treatments are needed for 95% hair removal)

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